Muck Angels

Every generation winces when the previous one recalls how much better life was in their day. But one thing everyone remembers is playing outside as a child. Here, at Muck Angels, we aim to bring this back to the norm by allowing the children to explore, create and learn from the great outdoors. Muck Angels is our beautiful outdoor “classroom” with walls that change colour every day and a never-ending ceiling of blues, whites and greys. This setting allows each child to indulge themselves in their surroundings and learn from it.

What Is Muck Angels?

Child peeking through a tyre at Muck Angels

Muck Angels is a unique, outdoor preschool for children aged two and a half to school going age, set on the outskirts of Drogheda, Co. Louth and is the first of its kind in this county.

Here at Muck Angels, children are given the time and space to blossom in every area of development while igniting their innate sense of wonder. The children will follow the same “learning through play” approach as our inside classroom although they will be learning from what is naturally happening around them (e.g. Seasons, Fauna, Flora etc.)

As their bodies and minds grow and develop, outdoors provides endless opportunities for new experiences which are unavailable inside.

Learning Through Nature

Our day at Muck Angels consist of learning about different plants and animals, building dens, climbing trees, sensory play etc. Instead of learning from counting on their fingers, children will learn by measuring cups of sand or counting sticks and stones. Learning will become fun. Children will learn about weight, height and measurement by building things such as dens and playing with it.

Imaginative play is our core learning aspect. Children are given free reign of what they wish to play and how they will play it. For example, if a child wants to be a fireman, they can create their fire truck using car tyres, seats, rope for seatbelts and an old hose. The children never fail to amaze us with their endless creativity and resourcefulness.

Our aim is not only focused on the academic side, but is also focused on developing the abilities and skills of each individual child. We aim to expand their holistic development, from physical, intellectual and language skills, to emotional and social abilities.

The children will learn different life skills, such as chopping wood, building different structures, cooking and fire lighting. They will also learn about safety, coordination and identification of different fauna and flora.

Our team of outdoor early childhood educators have extensive knowledge of the outdoors and are highly passionate about teaching the children and broadening their knowledge on the fascinating facts they have to offer.

Age And Enrolment Requirements

All children must be over the age of two and a half years and fully toilet trained. This class is a morning session, but full and part-time places are available for all children.

Children who are full time will simply transfer inside before dinner is served.

Children playing at Muck Angels